Life is not a long quiet river

by Arne Hemingway

One man's journey from egg to larva to chrysalis to magnificent butterfly to paper-dry dead corpse on the window sill of life.

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Life can be sometimes not at all like a long quiet river. Life can be sometimes not at all like a long quiet river.

The Book

The genre of this story is "true fiction". This means that it is a complete fiction that actually happened, like the old testament, or the new one. Or the moon landing.

The story ...

After years of estrangement, divorced dad Arne Hemingway is positively dying to see his children again. But when his bitter ex continues to deny him all access, he must find a more creative way to reunite with them.

Ready date: August, 2019

Chapter One






Arne Hemingway, (no relation)

The life and history of an as-of-yet unpublished writer is not important for the moment, no matter how interesting or unstable his current mental health status.

But ... Bang! Bang! Bang!  Just wait - you'll see!!!







This is going to be the recipes and glossary and shit like that.

Life sucks sometimes.


A list of all of the Canadianisms and Frenchisms you'll encounter in this modern literary classic.


Life sucks sometimes.


All the recipes in my story are not only real, they're also delicious. And you can find them here.


Life sucks sometimes.

Movie References

As an avid movie buff, I make reference to an awful lot of movies in the book. They're all listed here.






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